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New Updates

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let all of you know about various updates we implemented to the website yesterday.  These include the following bug fixes:

  • Fixing the personal profile section in some users’ blogs where the information was not being displayed (e.g., Sora Hwang and Norma Alicia).
  • The personal profile image wasn’t updating after a new image was uploaded.  This is now fixed.  Note: The update might still be delayed because of browser caching, so please clear your cache and reload your blog page.
  • Increasing the individual (16 MB) and total (500 MB) file size limit for uploads.  Many users were receiving a “.jpg exceeds the maximum upload size for this site” error when uploading images.
  • Showing only an excerpt of the user bio if it’s longer than 250 characters; the full bio can be shown in a popup box after clicking “Read more.”
  • Setting the default display name that is shown in comments to the user’s first name.
  • Fixing the issue with comments being turned off on some user’s first blog posts.

In addition, we will soon be installing some software to improve page load times.  As you use the website, please continue to Contact Us with any bugs or issues you encounter.  Your feedback is extremely important!

Now that we have addressed a majority of our outstanding bugs, we want to start gathering your ideas for new website features.  At the top of our list is implementing a live chat, going mobile with blogging, being able to follow student bloggers, and better integrating images, photo albums, and Instagram/Flickr into the blogging experience.  If you have any suggestions on how we can better connect you with other students while studying abroad, we are all ears.

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  1. Being able to follow people’s blogs and have a separate page just for those blogs you are following would be pretty sweet (not sure if this would require one to register an account though).

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